The difference a bit of sun makes

We’ve had a lovely week or so – 13-21C, some sunny days, mostly cloudy, but a bit of sunshine every day. It’s made such a difference to the plants, both in the growhouse and outside. The asparagus has come up – 3 stalks so far – and all seedlings have kicked into gear. Most areContinue reading “The difference a bit of sun makes”

What I’ve been thinking about this week…

Seedlings were very much on my mind this week. I’m typing this on a miserable April morning, with rain lashing the windows and wind rattling the polytunnel. But at least there’s no snow, or frost like down south. Instagram is full of picture of frozen seedlings and chickens playing in the snow this morning, andContinue reading “What I’ve been thinking about this week…”

There is nothing like a (broad) bean

I love growing broad beans. They’re the first vegetable we ever managed to grow successfully, and broad beans are something we struggle to find in the shops, so that’s an extra incentive to grow them. I usually grow several lots of broad beans – one in February and one or two later in the year.Continue reading “There is nothing like a (broad) bean”