Making cider – a step-by-step tutorial

I love cider. In the pub. Out of a bottle. From a can, even. Do you? It’s so crisp and lovely! I always thought cider making was difficult and required lots of expensive equipment and precision, like beer making. Spoiler: it doesn’t! What you need Apples Cider press (ours came from eBay) A crusher (eBayContinue reading “Making cider – a step-by-step tutorial”

‘It’s the season to be… Apple-streaked

We are drowning in apples. It’s a bumper crop here, much more so than in previous years. We have 7 apple trees altogether, and not only have they been ripe since the end of August – a month early! – but there’s just so many of them. We’ve harvested two full trees and parts ofContinue reading “‘It’s the season to be… Apple-streaked”