Everyday Cake (Fruit Cake)

This week it’s all about our generic fruit cake  – an easy cake recipe that we use for pretty much all fruit, whether fresh or from the freezer. In the video we’re using plums, but you can use whatever you fancy! Apples are particularly nice, too. Or brambles. Or anything, really.

You’ll need
250g self-raising flour
150g sugar
150g butter or oil
3 eggs
125ml milk or plant milk
1 teaspoon baking powder
250g fruit

and a bit of sugar for dusting the top!

Mix the flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk and baking powder together in a bowl. We use a handheld whisk for this, but you can use a fork or a kitchen robot or whatever you happen to have. You’re looking to create a smooth batter. Add in the fruit and stir it all in together. 

Pour the batter into a cake tin – ours is a 28cm springform. Vaguely smooth down your batter, and add a few bit of fruit to the top, and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake at 180-200C for about 45 mins, or until a fork comes out clean.

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