Everyday Cake (Overview)

This course is all about Everyday Cake – the simple, easy-to-remember cakes we have on the go most of the time. Intuitive recipes that you can customise in lots of different ways – change the nuts on the Coffee and Walnut cake or add in chocolate instead of coffee; experiment with different fruit in the Fruit Cake (not a fruit cake, the dried British kind, but a cake with fruit thrown in). The banana cake is a great way to use up leftover bananas and keeps well, and the cinnamon snails are a perennial favourite – they look tricky but are actually pretty simple to make.

The course is made up of 4 tutorials:

  1. Coffee and Walnut Cake
  2. Fruit Cake
  3. Banana Cake
  4. Cinnamon Snails

Each tutorial contains the recipe and instructions for a different cake. Click on the links above to get to each, or click on the image below to get to the first tutorial to work your way through them all.

Click on the image to get started:

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