Financial Accountability

It is important to us to share what we’re doing with the money that we’re raising – to account publicly for how we use the money you donate to us, and what we spend it on. We started this in October 2020. The format may evolve over time, but for now we are posting monthly updates below. The outgoings are all things that are either garden-related or things that help us run ‘skills from the hills’, our monthly patreon practical skills courses, which you can subscribe to from £1/month.

At the moment we have

November 2020

Income: £301.98
Patreon: £149.79
Knitting commissions: £123.14
Knitting Pattern Sale: £9.05
Plant box pre-order: £20

Outgoings: £231.82
Stipend for Mairi (20%): £60.39
Wool for commissions: £52.72
Postage for knitted items: £15.90
Notebooks: £8.15
Rolling Pin: £8.99
Sticky address labels: £10.99
Skimmer for cheesemaking: £3.99
Farming While Black book: £26.00
Nails to fix shed: £3.69
All-weather dungarees: £41.00

October 2020

Income: £278.01
Patreon £132.31
Knitting commissions: £140.70
Knitting Pattern Sale: £5

Outgoings: £238.08
Stipend for Mairi (20%): 39.68
Wool for commissions: £79.68
Measuring spoons for cheesemaking: £2.95
Book The Art of Natural Cheesemaking: £17.70
Baguette Moulds: £13.70
Digital PH Meter for cheesemaking: £6.29
Ice Cube trays for cheesemaking: £7.98
Homebrew equipment: £37.40
3 pairs of gardening gloves: £17.71
Kefir Grains for cheesemaking £13.70