‘Grow Your Own’ Help

Do you want to grow your own fruit and veg but don’t know where to start?

We’re here to help! Ask us about tools and materials; setting up ‘no dig’ beds; growing veg from seeds; growing soft fruit; what you can grow here in the Highlands; growing in containers; when to sow and plant fruit and veg. We’re happy to share our experiences and tips and tricks with you! We can also help you design your fruit and veg garden, advise you on polytunnels, and help you draw up a sowing calendar. We love chatting all things fruit and veg!

Why not visit our garden in Fearn sometime – chat with us over a cup of tea, and see what we’re growing at the moment. We’ll show you around your different growing areas, including beds, fruit patch, polytunnels, and fruit trees. You’ll also get the meet our chickens! We’ll answer your questions and look forward to hearing your tips and tricks.

We can design a full kitchen garden for you from scratch!
Are you just starting out on your veg growing journey? Have you got a bit of grass but aren’t sure about how to turn this into a kitchen garden, or worried that it’ll be difficult or expensive? Let us help you! Our sessions normally includes an introduction to ‘no dig’ gardening, a list of a sources to get you started, advice on veg bed layout in your space, suggestions for materials and where to get them, a sowing/planting schedule, and loads of useful tips and tricks. Can be done in person or online by skype/facetime!

Like our workshops, this is run on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. We mean this – pay us what you can afford, or trade us your for your expertise or labour.