Hedgerow Booze (Part 1) – Equipment

This is the basic equipment we use:

A caveat: I’m showing you what we have but other brands are available!

1. Brewing bucket with airlock

This is the bucket we brew our wine in. It is L and there is a 6 chamber bubbler airlock fitted in the top. Ours came from Bigger Jugs.

2. Syphon with tap

This is our syphon, which we use to move our wine from the big brewing jug into demijohns, and also into bottles. 

3. Demijohn

This is one of our glass demijohns (we also use plastic ones), with a bubbler airlock stuck in a cork. The plastic ones are sometimes screw-in ones. We tend to pick these up from charity shops. This is what we decant our wine into after the fermentation in the big bucket.

4. Spoon

This is a big spoon, which we use to stir stuff.

5. Sterilising tablets

We use these to sterilise our equipment – this batch is from Tescos, from the baby section. 

6. Wine yeast

This is an example of wine yeast. This particular kind is for both red and white wines, so we could use this for the gorse or brambles.

In addition to that, we’ll also need water, sugar, and the flowers or berries we’re brewing with – more on exact proportions in next week’s post. 

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