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You can hire us for a variety of activities. We’re experienced teachers, speakers, writers, mentors, and makers, and would love to share our enthusiasm for all things veg growing and quiet life with you.

Veg Growing Mentoring

Aimed at both new and experienced veg growers, our Veg Growing Mentoring service helps to build your confidence when it comes to growing your own veg and what to do with them. Comprised of a video call, ongoing email support, and access to our private ‘Let’s Grow’ Facebook group to chat to your fellow veg growing mentees.
£50 for the year. Contact us for further info or to book a place.

Knitted hats and socks

Every winter Mairi knits different items to raise money for the Fearn Free Food Garden. A knitter of 25 years experience, In 2021/22 Mairi is offering hats and slippers socks. Hats come in your choice of colour(s) and can be made plain, stripey or cabled. Slipper socks are meant to be worn around the house and are machine washable, and come in your choice of colour(s). They can be made matching or in random colours.
Hats £20, Pair of Socks £40. Contact us for further info or to book a place.


We love talking to community groups and societies about veg growing, quiet living, making and all sorts of Scottish history/culture things. As experienced academics and public speakers we have given talks via video chat and in person and participated in panels at all sorts of different events, ranging from heritage festivals, garden groups to academic conferences and lectures.
We normally ask for travel (and accommodation, if appropriate) costs and, if your event charges a fee to attend, a speaker’s fee of £50. Contact us to discuss what you have in mind.

Funding Applications / Project Consultancy

We love helping community groups and individuals with funding applications and to consult on heritage, garden or food programmes. With experience (and success!) in heritage, private and academic funding, we can help you formulate your ideas and present them strongly and coherently to your funding body. As well as funding applications themselves, we can also help with public engagement, events, interpretation. We can also help with proofreading and copy-editing, and with creating a website and social media profiles for your group.
Fees vary according to the size of the project. Our hourly rate for work of this nature is £30, and we’re happy to negotiate flat fees for projects with you. Contact us for further info or to discuss your requirements.

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