Introduction to Bread Making (Overview)

We’re going to ease into Breadmaking by making our own sourdough starter, before we learn to make a simple ‘no knead’ bread that uses both sourdough and yeast (and very little of our time and energy), and the slightly more involved baguettes (again, both sourdough and yeast) that have become a lunch staple in our house. We’ll finish with a simple (but reliable) pizza dough. Between those you’ve got the basics for trying out all sorts of breads in future.

My favourite breadmaking book is James Morton’s Brilliant Bread, which is well loved and well used in our household. 

These bread tutorials are meant to get you making different kinds of bread reliably, and in a way that can fit into your life. It’s all about practising and understanding how and when to make bread so that you have a constant supply, and how to read the dough (and finished breads) to see where you might need to adjust things for your specific needs, environment and habits. I’ve chosen these breads because they are what we use the most, but, as Kat Goldin says, ‘the best bread is the one you actually bake’, so your mileage may vary and our breads may not actually be the breads you end up making – but I’m hoping that the practice of making them regularly will get you thinking about how bread fits into your life, and what kinds you’ll enjoy making.

The course is made up of 4 tutorials:

  1. Making your Sourdough Starter
  2. No Knead Bread
  3. Baguettes
  4. Pizza Dough

Click on the image to get started:

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