Introduction to Sock Knitting (Overview)

Sock knitting is sometimes seen as a difficult process – but it isn’t, really, and like most skills can be broken down into easy-to-do bits. If you’re new to knitting in the round you might like to do the ‘Intro to Knitting’ course first, which is all about teaching you to knit – in the round – by getting you to make a hat.This sock knitting course is all about learning how to make a basic pair of socks – so that you understand the process, and are able to customise them accordingly for your next pair. As well as taking you through all the steps needed for this, the course also teaching you how to knit two socks at once – an excellent skill to have, and one that comes in handy for sleeves, too.To make your pair of socks you will need:

  • 100g of 4ply sock yarn
  • 2.5mm circular needle, 60 cm or longer
  • a darning needle, to weave in your ends

This course consist of 4 tutorials:

1. Casting on and knitting the cuff
2. Knitting the leg
3. The heel
4. The foot and toe

Click on this image to get started:

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