Introduction to Knitting (Part 3)

This tutorial is about making the body of your hat. There isn’t a video because it’s really straightforward – but that said, if you’re struggling to make sense of the written instructions I’ll gladly make one if you let me know!

The body is really straightforward. You’re going to continue knitting in the round, like you’ve done for the brim, but you’re going to knit every stitch! So instead of knitting 2, purling 2, you’re just going to knit. And knit. And knit. And knit. Until the body is the length you want.

How do you know it’s the length you want? Well, this is one of those ‘I’m not giving you instructions to follow, but teaching you how to work it out for yourself’ things!

Put the hat on, and pull it down as far as is comfortable. I like my hats to come to the bottom of my ears while Seamus wears his halfway up his ears – this is totally a personal thing! So, place it where you want it to sit. Your hat – brim and body – needs to come up to the top of your head, with about an inch extra. Err on the side of ‘less than an inch’, rather than ‘more than an inch’. When your hat is that long, your body is done. 

Next week we’re going to do the crown – that is, we’re going to start decreasing stitches every other round to make the hat narrow at the top. If you haven’t got one already now would be a good time to order a tapestry needle to help you weave in your ends. You can do this with your knitting needles, but it’s pretty fiddly, and it’s much easier to do it with a tapestry needle. A tapestry needle is like a giant oversized sewing needle, with a hole big enough to put your wool through. This sort of thing.

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