Introduction to Mending (Part 1) – Wooly Socks, Weaving, Darning Loom

This week we’re mending woolly socks, and over the course of the month we’ll be mending pyjama pants, a knitted jumper, and a cheap stretchy shirt. 

It’s kind of hard to explain mending in writing, so the video above is long and detailed, and shows you every step of the way. In it you’ll see me using this darning loom but it’s not a requirement to have this – you can do the same mending with just needle and yarn (though the loom is fun and makes for neater patches, I think. The loom was kindly donated by Ysolda for use by our local community, so if you’d like to borrow it please let me know.

A darning needle and some kind of yarn or thread are your basic necessities for darning, though depending on the kind of mending you’re doing you might also need scraps of fabric (from cutting up old clothes, for example). 

The kind of mending I’ll be showing you is visible – it celebrates the work that goes into maintaining garments. Hopefully the different items and mends will get you started on your own mending journey and will equip you with some of the techniques you need,  but if you’re stuck please just get in touch – I’m very happy to look at your items and help you work out the best way to mend them.


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