Veg Plants

We’re growing lots of plants in 2021 – for our local community, for community groups and schools, and some for folks elsewhere in the UK. All Spring Boxes of plants have now been reserved.

We are not accepting reservations at the moment (free or ‘for a donation’) as we are at capacity. Spring sowing is underway, and if you have reserved a box your plants should be ready in early May. Keep an eye out for our sign-ups for summer plants!

We grow lots of different vegetables – for ourselves, for our local community, and for folks further afield.

Free Plants (local – collect from Fearn)

We are growing a lot of free plants for our local community, and for community groups and schools further afield. For Spring 2021, we are growing c. 3000 free plants. Signs ups are currently closed, but keep an eye out for summer signups.

Plants for posting (for a donation)

Reservations are currently closed. Keep an eye out for our summer boxes.

If you’re further afield and would like to support us, you can donate to the Fearn Free Food Garden in exchange for a box of plants. It costs us £8 to send you plants – that covers postage, materials, seeds, compost, and taking your box to the post office. In 2021 all boxes will be mixed boxes of c. 20 plants. Unfortunately we cannot supply individual varieties or grow things specially.

The suggested donation for a box of plants is therefore £20, to cover the above and to subsidise a box of free plants for a local family. In exchange for this you’ll receive a box of 20 mixed veg plants, which will arrive by post ready to plant. If you’d like one of the mixed boxes please click on the ‘donate’ link below to make your donation . Any donations received now will receive their plants in 2021 – probably April or May, weather-depending.

If you are on a limited income then we are happy to send you plants at the minimum donation rate of £5. If you’d like to grow plants but can’t afford our minimum donation come talk to us – we’ll work something out!

Please pop a note in the transaction thingy to let us know where you’d like us to send your plants – addresses are not always displayed by default. If you are donating on behalf of someone else and would like us to send them plants as a gift please include a note with their address details. We look forward to growing plants for you in 2021! If you would like to give a box of plants as a present (Christmas or otherwise) please send us an email after you have made your donation and we’ll email you a gift card to give to your recipient.

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