Veg Plants

We’re done for 2020 – all plants have found a home. You’re still welcome to donate and we’ll put you on the list to receive plants in spring.

If you’re local, keep an eye out for our ‘plants are ready to be picked up’ announcements on our Facebook page.

We grow lots of different vegetables – for ourselves, for our local community, and for folks further afield. We’d like to share these with you!

If you’re local, you can pick up a free box of mixed veg plants from our Free Market Stall, every Saturday 11-2. Just pop along and tell us that you’d like some plants, and we’ll pack them up for you there and then. Don’t be shy! If you like, you can email us to find out more first.

If you’re further afield and would like to support us, you can donate to the Fearn Free Food Garden in exchange for a box of plants. The minimum donation for this is £5 to cover p&p, and in exchange for this you’ll receive a box of 15-20 mixed veg plants, which will arrive by post ready to plant. If you’d like one of the mixed boxes please click on the ‘donate’ link below to make your donation.

If you’d like to donate more than the minimum amount but are unsure how much is appropriate – well, it’s up to you – whatever you are happy with! If we were to sell the boxes we’d charge about £15 incl. p&p. If you’d like to grow plants but can’t afford our minimum donation come talk to us – we’ll work something out!

We aim to get all plants posted to you within 2 weeks. Please check that the address listed on paypal is where you’d like us to send your plants – or pop a note in the transaction thingy to let us know where you’d like us to send them.

A wee note: we’re coming to the end of the summer plants, and the autumn/winter plants aren’t quite ready yet. If you donate now it’ll be a wee while before your plants are ready, but everyone should have their plants by late September.

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