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We grow many different varieties of vegetables here at Highland Seedlings, and most are available for sale. All seedlings cost 50p each, and a clump (of beetroot, radish, etc.) is also 50p. We grow from both hybrid and heritage seeds right here in Fearn, in Easter Ross. We’re very happy to take requests if you’re interesting in something we don’t currently grow. You can buy seedlings individually or as a bundle. You can also pre-order seedlings in autumn/winter to be picked up (or posted to you) the following spring. The seedlings will be ready to be planted in the ground (or in pots), and come with growing instructions. All varieties have been chosen because they’ve been successful here for us, and should hopefully do well for you, too. You can usually see them in our beds, too – we grow the same varieties for ourselves that we sell. We’re very happy to put together a bundle for you – just let us know how much you’d like to spend, what you like to eat, and what kind of growing space you have.

You can order seedlings online, or you can come to the garden and pick them out for yourself. We normally wrap seedlings in newspaper – please let us know if you require plastic pots (ie., if you’re not planning on planting your seedlings within 48 hours). Please note that our stock changes weekly. We usually have seedlings available for both outdoors and polytunnels, though we might not have loads of each variety. We sow seeds every week so there is usually a replacement available soon if we sell out of something.

We are very happy to help you set up your growing space, and offer help and guidance on caring for your vegetables. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to grow – very happy to take requests.

We also offer subscription boxes!