Highland Seedlings is many things: a vegetable seedling nursery; a kitchen garden; a space to learn and teach; a community modelled on solidarity economy principles; a co-op; an act of resistance

We strongly believe growing your own food is for everyone, no matter your age, abilities, previous experience, or economic circumstances.

Have a look round our garden

We publish tours of our garden every month, on our YouTube channel. The most recent video is below:

What do we do?


We sell a wide range of ready-to-plant vegetable seedlings. They’re affordable, and are grown by us from seed here at our kitchen garden in Fearn. You can order our seedlings online here.

We grow our seedlings in a ‘no dig’ environment, using permaculture principles in partnership with nature. All varieties have been tried and tested and do well for us here in the Highlands.

Helping you to grow your own

We’re passionate about helping others to grow their own food, and about turning lawn into veg beds.
We can help you plan your garden, advise you on what you might like to grow in the space you’ve got, and teach you how to grow as much as possible with as little time and money as possible. Talk to us about how to get started – or how to make growing your own easier – whether you’ve got a windowsill, a balcony, a garden, or 2 acres of wilderness.


Would you like to gain some practical ‘grow your own’ experience without committing to a garden of your own? Volunteer with us for an hour or two a week, as a one off or a regular commitment! We’ll share our experiences and space with you, from sowing seeds to taking down trees. No space to grow where you live? Why not help us build a new ‘no dig’ bed and in return grow your own food in parts of it? Help us pot on some seedlings and take home salad. Help us make jam or cider and take some of it home. Sow some seeds and get a bit of space in our polytunnel to raise your own seedlings.

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