Fearn FREE FOOD Garden

2020 will see us turn a strip of land by the side of our lane into a FREE FOOD garden for the local community.

This will become our FREE FOOD garden.

What’s a FREE FOOD Garden?

It’s literally a garden where we grow free food for you. We’re building it on our land, on a section that is currently overgrown (though we did grow some food on it last year), and within easy access from the lane that goes past our house. The food we grow there will be free for anyone to harvest – no need to help out, or donate, or anything like that. We’ve been planning to do this for a while but were spurred on by the 2019 election results.


At the moment the small piece of land is unkempt and has no beds. We need to raise money to make the area productive and welcoming, and we’d like to fix the shed and provide a safe space for folks to pack up their harvest. We’d also like to buy some tools, wellies and gloves for visitors to the garden, and we need compost, woodchips and pots. A small polytunnel to the side of the shed would allow us to grow food in all seasons, and it could also become a future teaching space as well as somewhere for us to grow more seedlings for local projects. We also need signage, flyers and advertising so folks know this resources is there for them, and we’d like to be able to provide a place to sit and have a cup of tea. Keep an eye out for our crowdfunder – launching soon!

We have already raised some money, and have received some donations of goods. Folks from all over the world have donated money in exchange for hats designed and knitted by Mairi, and/or for the knitting pattern. The hats are big and bulky and say ‘FUCK THE TORIES’ on them (though we’ve also made a stripy one and a couple of ‘FUCK TRUMP’ ones). If you’d like to donate in exchange for a hat you can send us an email to discuss details. They’re available in any combination of colours. If you’d like to buy the knitting pattern you can do so through Ravelry.

To date we have raised £320.50. After deducting costs for the wool and posting the hats we have c. £250. We plan to purchase wood for the beds and signage, compost to fill the beds, woodchips for around the beds, paint for the shed, and seeds and pots/trays with this.